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Grey Griffin (aka Grey DeLisle) is the voice of Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender and many other anime and film. She is best-known for providing the voice of "Vicky" in the Nickelodeon TV series, "Fairly OddParents" (2001-2013), as well as "Mandy" in the Cartoon Network TV show, "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" (2001 - 2007).

She voiced "Mandy" again in two more films about Billy and Mandy, "Billy and Mandy Big Boogie Adventure" (2007) and "The Grim Adventures of KND" (2007), opposite 'Richard Steven Horvitz' (Billy) and Greg Eagles (Grim), Kaijudo: Rise of The Duel Masters (2012-2013), Star Wars: Clone Wars (2008-2014), The Legend of Korra (2013-2014), Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen (2009), Bumblebee (2018), and hundreds of other film and television.



Olivia Hack is an American actress, known for providing the voice of Rhonda Wellington Lloyd in Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!, Ty Lee in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katooni in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Qi'ra in Star Wars Forces of Destiny, and for playing Cindy Brady in the 1990s theatrical Brady Bunch films.

She has also done voice work for Fillmore!, Bratz as Cloe, Family Guy, Blood+ and Rugrats. She appeared in Star Trek Generations, Party of Five and Gilmore Girls.



Nazia Chaudhry is a voice actress and singer known for voicing Misaki Tanabe on Wonder Egg Priority (2021), Nambia on Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Miss Apsara on Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Mina on Black Butler, and others.



The FaustianSpider

Roman, also known online as TheFaustianSpider, is a Southern Oregon native who is very excited to be back for a second year at Ani-Medford! He's been involved in several conventions over the past decade and has since fallen in love with the craft of creating, sharing, and exploring all the creative facets cosplay has to offer. With an emphasis of inclusion for marginalized groups within the community, Roman hopes to show that no matter who you are, cosplay can be for you. He's looking forward to seeing everyone and hopes you enjoy your convention!



"I have been cosplaying since 2009, I have entered countless competitions and run a ton of panels at cons and even judged a competition here and there.

I have worked with props, wigs, sewing, armor, and everything you can think of involving cosplay, I have also failed many times and have learned many things over the many many years of cosplay. I have so many fond cosplay memories and so many stories and adventures and even failures to share with the folks at Ani-Medford.

I am a performer through and through with experience in colorguard, dance, juggling, and stage combat and stunts. I am a licensed stunt professional and hope to one day meld my love of performance and stunts into my cosplay to improve my performances in the future."



Seteth, also going by the online names of Cich0l and Flamryn, has been attending cons for years, perfecting their craft of costume and prop making! They enjoy the more intricate aspects of cosplay, spending hours making the smallest props for every occasion! They’ve been very active in learning the full length of every aspect of cosplay, and are excited to share their love of everything fandom with you all at Ani-Medford!



My name is EchoChips and I’m a southern Oregon local and Pacific northwest cosplayer focused on creating fandom content and connecting with the community. I have been cosplaying at conventions for over a decade and have cosplayed more than 20 characters in that time. As a cosplayer and cosplay maker I strive for accuracy, currently, I am particularly focused on building and styling wigs! I cosplay from many different genres and platforms ranging from video games to movies, cartoons, and anime. I
really enjoy getting into the headspace of the character and generally having fun with it! In the end, I feel that through cosplay its possible to express our creativity, embrace our diversity and foster friendships!



Sequoia, otherwise known as MadCapCosplays, is a Southern Oregon-based cosplayer who’s been cosplaying for over seven years. Having grown up in a theater environment, she’s been passionate about costuming from a young age, and was delighted to discover the cosplay community where costumes come to life with the spirit of a well-beloved character.

She is a seasoned seamstress, but most enjoys building props from EVA foam and random thingamajigs (such as the salad tongs, eyelash curlers, and nuts and bolts built into her Edward Scissorhand props).

This will be her first time as a featured cosplayer, and she couldn’t be more excited to be with you all at Ani-Medford 2022!



Dsnyknight is a local cosplayer and cosplay contest judge who cosplays Deadpool, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Woody, Hiro, Robin Hood, Mad Hatter, Harley Quinn, Shaggy, Fester Addams.

Special Guest are subject to change.

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