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Elise Baughman is a voice actress best known for voicing Pan on Dragon Ball GT. Elise’s anime credits also include Momiji’s Mother in Fruits Basket (Reboot), Momiji’s Mother and Rika in Fruits Basket (Original), Ayame in Yu Yu Hakusho, Yoko Okino in Case Closed, Ricky in Kiddy Grade, Sayoko in Spiral, Angelique in Burst Angel, Yukina in Girls Bravo, and many other roles.
Her video game credits include Pan in multiple Dragon Ball games, Hemlock Willo in Paladins, Nu Horizons Nu Wa in Paladins, Armony Eiselstein in Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel, Hostess Missy in Aeon Flux, and Princess in Romancing Saga — among others.

(Autographs TBA).



Fandom friends, please give a warm Southern Oregon welcome to the first #AniMedford2023 Special Guest JACKIE LASTRA!
Jackie Lastra has become an Anime Diva with such anime credits as Demon Slayer, Hunter X Hunter, Gundam Build Divers, Sirius the Jaeger, The Promised Neverland, Beyblade Burst, One Punch Man, Pokémon Masters, The Misfit of Demon King Academy, and many more!

(Autographs TBA).


peter kelamis

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Peter Kelamis is an accomplished actor, voice actor and stand-up comedian. With over 160 credits, Peter is a well-recognized talent in the industry and has shared the screen with many Hollywood heavyweights.
Some iconic voice-over work includes Goku in Ocean's English dubs of Dragon Ball Z, Rolf in Ed, Edd n Eddy, Tail Terrier in Krypto the Superdog, as well as Dark Carnage in Absolute Carnage for Marvel Motion Comics, Shuichi Tataki in Key the Metal Idol, Whiplash in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Yoda in "Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles", and Saddle Bags in My Little Pony: Pony Life.

Peter's other credits include Glow (2019), The Man In The High Castle, The Dragon Prince (2019), iZombie (2017), A Dogs Purpose (2017), Stargate Universe (2009-2011), Riverdale (2021), and many others.

(Autographs TBA).



Rick Robertson is an actor known for voicing Dabura on Dragon Ball Z.

(Autographs TBA).



Michelle MARIE is best known for voice acting Sumi Nakahara from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Azusa Nakajo from The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc, Chihiro Yoshioka from Gleipnir, and Luna from Record of Grancrest War.

(Autographs TBA).




Marie Westbrook is a voice actor known for voicing Dorio in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Maria in Baki Hanma, Baozhai in Indivisible, and Hanami in Jujutsu Kaisen. This is Marie Westbrook's very first convention appearance so come on out meet her, and give her a warm Oregonian welcome. 

(Autographs TBA).



Roman, also known online as TheFaustianSpider, is a Southern Oregon native who is very excited to be back to Ani-Medford! He's been involved in several conventions over the past decade and has since fallen in love with the craft of creating, sharing, and exploring all the creative facets cosplay has to offer. With an emphasis of inclusion for marginalized groups within the community, Roman hopes to show that no matter who you are, cosplay can be for you. He's looking forward to seeing everyone and hopes you enjoy your convention!

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VivSai is an award-winning cosplay armor designer, pattern maker, and fabricator in PNW. She had been designing and creating cosplay for over 10 years and attends conventions all over the country. VivSai takes inspiration from comics, cartoons, games, and anime. Always adding her amazing attention to detail to make every costume unique and show-stopping. She also loves making costumes from her own original designs. Her many builds have won her some of the highest honors in cosplay. Her desire to create is what fuels her passion and guides her through the many paths of artistic expression. Each and every step of the creative process has grown from having the heart of the designer.

VivSai began her cosplay journey She began cosplay as a way to help with her ADHD. For her, this worked and ever since she discovered cosplay, she had been using designing and crafting to help others that experience similar issues, or just everyday anxiety or stress. She believes Crafting is a great way to help people cope with mental health issues. Life today is full of stressful challenges. Cosplay is her way to focus all the negative energy in the real world and change it into something positive.

She used a variety of Worbla, thermoplastics, to create her unique armor pieces. She then incorporated EVA foam, W+T Foam, foam clay and recently had expanded into sewing. VivSai always looking for new techniques, and believes that there is always something new to master in the world of cosplay. A prolific builder, she has NO intentions of slowing down.

(Autographs FREE).

All special guests are subject to change.

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