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ANi-Medford 2021

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Jennie Kwan

Jennie Kwan has voiced some of the most recent stellar character in anime today with such characters as Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008), and Kakushi Girl from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019).


Her other credits include Rozen Maiden (2004-2005), Tokko (2006), When They Cry (2006), Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie (2013), Scissor Seven (2018), Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story (2020), and Tenkuu Shinpan (2001).

killer bee_animedford
Catero Colbert

Catero Colbert is Killer Bee (キラービー, Kirābī) a ninja from the village of Kumogakure and the Jinchuriki of Gyūki — the Eight-Tails, in Naruto: Shippûden.


He is coming to Ani-Medford, and will be on hand to take photos with attendees, ask all those great Naruto questions and sign autographs absolutely free to all attendees (first item only).

free autographs
Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates is a contract composer and voice actor primarily known for his music work on Rooster Teeth's Death Battle series. His composing credits include work for League of Legends Worlds 2016 Tournament, Ismahawk, Hyun's Dojo, and One Minute Melee. He also voiced Lycan Arcadia in Mark Zhang's SLVR animations.

Blair Bat

I am a local artist who specializes in drawing a lot of cute girls from anime, comics and other pop culture. My art has a mix of anime and western comic book influences. You may have seen some of my art merch at the Grants Pass Saturday Market or at Iguana Comics.



Cosplaimee is a local Medford cosplayer who loves to bring smiles to people's faces with her creativity and her cosplay.



Consul.Of.Cosplay has been Cosplaying since 2009, and has vast experience in props, costuming at a professional level. From wigs to armor, and everything in between. From juggling, dance, colorguard, stage combat, and stunts Consul.Of.Cosplay does it all.


Eekie and Snow

Montana natives Eekie and Snow are ready to help you create and conquer the costumes of your imagination. Eekie has been an active performer for 7 years and a costumer for 11 years: crying, gluing, and sewing her way through many an event and creation. She specializes in cosplay that can be worn for performance purposes whether it be for dance, music, or LARP. Snow has been an active costumer and prop builder for 10 years. She specializes in working with thermoplastics, craft/EVA foam, and electronics to bring an otherworldly flair to the design. They have been a team for the past 10 years and look forward to sharing their passion with you.


Meritorious, also known as Cici, is pretty new to the cosplay scene in the Pacific Northwest. Has been cosplaying for the past two years and is trying to get out there with every little nickel and dime she’s got! Loves and is best at making props, and enjoys the little things about conventions, meeting people, walking the halls, and much more! With all the friendly faces and costumes that she meets and sees, it inspires her to drive and move forward with her passions, to progress more, be better for everyone around her, and walkways strive for greatness!

The Faustian Spider Cosplay

Roman, also known by his online alias TheFaustianSpider, has been prancing around in costumes for as long as he can remember. A cosplayer of over 7 years, Roman has found himself drawn particularly to the performance aspect of cosplay. The stages of Sakuracon, Kumoricon, and even the past Ani-Medford are all under his belt. He hopes to share the joy of transformation that cosplay allows, and speak out about diversity and inclusion in the community. Having grown up in Medford, Roman is extremely excited to be back again for another year of Ani-Medford!

*All guests are subject to change

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